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With 15+ years of pool maintenance experience, the experts at Acquality Pool provide quality pool cleaning service that is punctual, discreet, reliable and professional. We are a family owned and operated business run by a husband and wife team.

We have CPO® Certification by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, which means we took training and pass a test to properly utilize the chemicals your pool needs for the water to be at it's best quality. And our GL and Worker Comp Insurance gives you peace of mind. Hablamos español and English, of course!

Established in 2014

Carlos started working as a pool cleaner when he moved to the States in 2002. After 10 years of working for another pool company, Carlos decided to start his own pool cleaning and maintenance business with the help of his girlfriend at the time, Beatriz. 

Together they followed all the necessary steps to operate in Florida including studying and passing the CPO® Certification test given by the National Swimming Pool Foundation, getting General Liability Insurance, buying a truck and equipment and designing and implementing a marketing communications campaign. 

Carlos and Beatriz are a husband and wife team, He is the leader of a 4 pool tech crew and also the repair specialists, while Beatriz is in charge of managing the office including costumer service, marketing, accounting and billing.


Both Beatriz and Carlos have BA Degrees, his is Business Administration, hers is in Mass Communication and Journalism. Carlos and Beatriz married in 2015. Both of them enjoy the great outdoors and on their free weekends take camping trips through out Florida. They have two kids. 


Sea Parte De Nuestro Equipo / Join Our Team 

Siempre estamos buscando técnicos de limpieza de piscinas con experiencia. Si usted cree que llena

los requisitos llame al 305 970 0811.

We are always looking for experienced pool cleaning technicians. If you think you qualify please call

305 970 0811. 


Proveer servicios de limpieza y mantenimiento de piscinas a clientes residenciales. Buscamos personal altamente motivado que adora trabajar al aire libre con poca supervisión. Debe tener mínimo un año de experiencia limpiando piscinas para una empresa de limpieza y mantenimiento de piscinas, récord de manejo excelente, buen servicio al cliente, al menos diploma de bachillerato.


Debe tener mínimo un año de experiencia limpiando piscinas
Licencia de conducir válida
Buen reporte de DMV
Diploma de bachiller o equivalente
Capaz de administrar su propio tiempo completando todas las tareas asignadas con un enfoque en la seguridad y el medio ambiente
Debe saber nadar
Poder levantar o mover hasta 100 libras de peso
Capaz para desarrollar un trabajo de naturaleza activa como caminar y estar de pie por periodos prolongados de tiempo
Puede trepar, arrodillarse y acuclillarse frecuentemente
Apariencia profesional y cuidada
Experiencia en mecánica o electricidad preferible


Provide swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services to residential clients. Looking for a highly motivated person who enjoys working outdoors with minimum supervision. Must have excellent driving record, great customer service and good communication skills, with a minimum of a high school education and at least one year of swimming pool maintenance experience.


At least one year of swimming pool maintenance experience
Valid driver's license
Good DMV report
High School Diploma or equivalent
Responsible person
Self manage yourself by performing all duties to completion with a focus onsafety and the environment
Must be able to swim
Must be capable of moving or lifting up to 100 pounds
Ability to perform work of an active nature, such as walking and standing forsustained periods of time
Can climb, stoop, kneel and crouch on a regular basis
Neat professional appearance
Mechanical/electronics background is a plus

305 970 0811

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CPO® Certification 572068

General Liability Insurance

PO Box 557816

Miami, FL 33255-7816